Workshops & Lessons

Master the wheel

Come and immerse yourself in the art of pottery making through our range of intimate workshops suitable for all levels. Choose between a 3-hour wheel throwing session for beginners looking to master the basics of crafting mugs, attaching handles and shaping vases. More experienced potters can opt for the full-day workshop to create three pieces from start to finish, including a mug, vase and bowl. For those ready to progress beyond cylinders and bowls, our intermediate offering focuses on closed forms, galleries and lidded pieces. No matter your skill level, our workshops are limited to just three participants and feature plenty of hands-on practice with personalized guidance. The workshop fee covers firing and glazing for your creations. Once complete, we’ll contact you for collection or can arrange delivery if preferred.

If the workshops below don’t meet your needs, please reach out via email. We’ll do our best to assist you and see if there’s a way we can tailor our offerings to better suit your requirements. You can contact us at

3 hour workshop

10am – 1pm or 2pm – 5pm | £70 per person

Experience the art of pottery in our exclusive 3-hour wheel throwing workshop, where we ensure a maximum of three participants for an intimate learning environment. Delve into the pottery basics, receiving hands-on demonstrations and personalized guidance tailored to your progress. During this session, you’ll master crafting a mug, attaching handles, and shaping a vase. The workshop fee includes firing and glazing for two pieces. Once the firing and glazing process is complete, we’ll contact you to arrange a collection. If you prefer shipping, we can calculate the postage cost for your items upon readiness

Full day workshop

10am – 4pm | £140 per person

Immerse yourself in the world of pottery during our exclusive full-day wheel throwing workshop, limited to a maximum of three participants for an intimate, focused learning experience. Explore the fundamentals of pottery through hands-on demonstrations and personalized guidance, tailored to your individual progress. In the morning session, you’ll master crafting a mug, attaching handles, and shaping a vase, followed by creating a bowl in the afternoon.

Included in the workshop fee is the firing and glazing for three pieces. Once this process is complete, we’ll promptly contact you to arrange the collection. Alternatively, if shipping is preferred, we’re happy to calculate the postage cost for your items once they’re ready.

No food is included so please bring a packed lunch.

Full day intermediate workshop

10am – 4pm | £140 per person

Welcome to our intermediate pottery workshop, where we’re dedicated to advancing your pottery skills beyond the basics of cylinders and bowls. Our aim is to guide you in shaping closed forms, galleries, and lidded pieces, tailoring the experience to your specific techniques and preferences.

To ensure a rewarding experience, we recommend a foundational level of throwing proficiency where you feel confident creating cylinder and bowl shapes.

The workshop fee includes the firing and glazing of two pieces created during the sessions. Once completed, we’ll promptly notify you for collection. If you prefer, we can also arrange postage for your items and provide the postage cost estimate once your creations are ready to be shipped.

No food is included so please bring a packed lunch.